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7 tips to get experience in graphic design

how to become a great graphic designer

“I don’t know what to do. I want
to get experience but to get experience
I have to have experience, but if I don’t
have experience I can’t get, I know.”

How do I get experience without having experience kind of like chicken or the egg?

If you don’t have any design experience, and you want to get into this field, it can be very intimidating to know where to start, and how to get that experience.

How you can sort of make those projects
for yourself.

One thing we can all probably assume is that most jobs are gonna want to see some experience for them to be able to hire you which is understandable right and if you can’t get a job without having experience first then there are a few things you can do to get that experience to land your first job.

Gather informations.

The first thing you can do is really study the process of graphic design, whatever kind of design you want to do. learn as much as you can on your own about it.

Practice is the key.

Start practicing skills, you can find tutorials, you can find books, you can attend classes,… anything that lets you sort of get your hands dirty, and learn by doing, it’s gonna help you nail those skills down sooner rather than later.

Get more ideas.

The first idea is to think about what kind of thing do you wish existed that currently does it, so there’s a problem that you have.

That can be solved through UI/UX design, you can use that as a prompt to make your own project out of it, or is there a product that you use all the time, that is frustrating, and you know could be better somehow, maybe that can be a redesign project for you.

Volunteer work.

You can also volunteer to do projects for family and friends. people love when you do work for them, especially for free which is OK at first, maybe your friend or family member has a business, or have an app idea, or maybe they need a website for some reason, that’s a perfect opportunity for you to test out your skills, and put what you’ve learned to use.

It’ll also give you experience on working with a client of sorts to sort of understand that relationship. and that dynamic it’ll help you to be able to practice selling your work, and communicating with someone else about design.


You can also look for paid projects online, or locally people are looking to have design work done all the time, so just look for those opportunities where someone is needing something that you could provide, if you are going to school for design, don’t just slack off on your school projects, because those could really help you be able to learn, and end up in your portfolio.


You can look for design internships to get some real-world experience, without having to have as much experience as someone who’s like an entry-level or mid-level. internships can be great place to learn and practice out your skills. I myself had a few and they really helped me.


There’s also things like local hackathons, where people come together for a common cause, and sort of put together a design or website or prototype towards this one goal, and it’s usually for a great cause, and they’re a lot of fun, that’s a great way to get some experience, and meet other people who are in the industry also.

Those are just a few ideas on how you can get started, and get some of that experience.



It is totally possible to be a designer. if you’re willing to put in the time and the hard work, if you’re willing to learn as much as you can, and look for those opportunities where you can help, you will get better and better over time.

Everyone start somewhere. Everyone started from the very beginning. so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Gain that experience.

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