Rise Up Space Discovery

Rise Up To The Darkness

The game is very simple and easy but at the same time you need a good focus and speed in making the right decisions, the game also has its random challenges and obstacles behave in a random way that can’t predict their behavior so you’ll need to focus more and more with progress because the stages are getting harder the more it gets

You can change the shield or spaceship by going to the store in the game and buying it for some coins you have collected in the game, as well as watching videos if you want to get free coins. The game also features stunning colors and very beautiful manifestations that highlight the beauty of space and its awful stillness at the same time

❔ How to play :

🔸️You have to move the shield with your finger in order to protect the spaceship from the barriers, aliens, monsters, rocks, obstacles, and other ships…
🔸️You don’t have to put your finger on the shield. You can put it anywhere on the screen to move the shield

❇ Some features of the game:

🔹️Beautiful graphics, colors, lights, sound effects….
🔹️Easy control (One finger control).
🔹️Different obstacles and experience every time.
🔹️Endless game.

What is the maximum score you can reach?
Can you survive?

play it now and challenge your powers 😊

if you have any further question do not hesitate to contact us on team@thysko.com

Thank you!

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